Romanian-Bulgarian Joint plan for accession to Schengen Space

Head of Schengen Department, State secretary with the Ministry of Administration and Interior Marian Tutilescu had on Tuesday, in Ruse, Bulgaria, a working meeting with Pavlin Dimitrov, Bulgarian Deputy Minister for Home Affairs.

On this occasion, the two officials also discussed a Joint action plan for the partnership and implementation of joint actions in view to prepare the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania for their accession to the Schengen Space in March 2011, informs a release remitted on Wednesday. The plan outlines the joint actions and activities, as well as other measures set to be fulfilled by the two states, in close cooperation, for their accession to the Schengen Space.

The main measures provided by the Action plan refer to legislative, operative aspects, as well as to the development of communication means and technical equipment, the intensification of the cooperation in the field of getting ready for the accession to Schengen Space and competence acquiring. Within the meeting the two delegations have convened subsequent punctual meetings, at experts level, for the discussion and finalization of the measures contained by the Action plan.

The Romanian delegation included representatives of the Schengen Department, the European Affairs and International Relations Division, the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, the General Inspectorate of the Border Police, the Romanian Attache in charge with home affairs in Bulgaria, as well as the adviser in this matter of the Minister of Administration and Interior, Harald Maas.

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