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Senator Diaconescu: Now my political career begins

I have not died yet and I am very happy that many of my colleagues still like me. I am in a Social Democrats’ confidence ranking. (…) My political career begins now, in no way does it end, said Cristian Diaconescu, former Social Democrat (PSD) senator, who on Wednesday resigned from the party and joined the Independents Group in the Romanian Parliament.

Gabriel Oprea, coordinator and leader of the Independent Parliamentarians Group told on Wednesday that starting with that day, Senator Cristian Diaconescu had joined the Independents Group. He said Diaconescu submitted a written request of enrollment in the Independent Parliamentarians Group.

Social Democrat Diaconescu told Antena 2 TV station on Tuesday that his possible departure from the party largely depended upon the conclusions the Prosecutor’s Office would reach on the case of his being monitored. During 1990-2000 Diaconescu held several leading positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2001, Diaconescu was appointed State Secretary for Bilateral Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He held this position in parallel with the position of chief negotiator for the Treaty on the Romanian-Ukrainian state border regime, for the Basic Political Treaty between Romania and the Russian Federation, for the Law on the Hungarians living in the states neighbouring Hungary, for the bilateral treaties and agreements on the borders’ regime, minorities’ protection and re-admission, as well as in the field of measures of increasing the confidence and security levels in Europe.

Diaconescu became a PDSR (present PSD) member in 2002 and at the beginning of the 2004 he was appointed State Secretary for European Affairs. In March 2004, he was named a Justice Minister, with the mission of negotiating and concluding chapter 24, Justice and Domestic Affairs, within the EU pre-accession process of Romania.
Starting with 2005, the PSD Congress elected Diaconescu as vice chairman of the party. In April 2008, he joined the race for Bucharest mayor, on an unanimous proposal of the party’s leading bodies.

In December 2008, following the general elections in which he obtained a Bucharest senator’ seat under the PSD banner, he was appointed Foreign Affairs Minister in the Emil Boc Government.

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