Social Democrat Cristian Diaconescu files criminal complaint with Prosecutor’s Office

Social Democrat Cristian Diaconescu on Tuesday filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, requesting the prosecutors to find out who had monitored him, for ten days, before the Congress of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Diaconescu filed the complaint after journalist Floriana Jucan told a television channel on Saturday that she had received for publication 36 pages containing monitoring information of Cristian Diaconescu, accompanied by images in which Diaconescu appears in compromising circumstances. Subsequently, Cristian Diaconescu denied having been pressured to withdraw his candidacy for the PSD leadership and to support another candidate.

“Such monitoring is real. Cristian Diaconescu is monitored round the clock: when he goes shopping with his wife, when he goes to the places of some PSD leaders, when he goes to the SRI [Romanian Intelligence Service] headquarters in Victoria Square or when he pays a 4-hour visit at the house of a mogul on February 5. What has puzzled me about Diaconescu is that, over this entire period, he disguises, puts on a cap, parks his car on side streets, wears glasses, therefore, he has something to hide,” Floriana Jucan said.


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