Two PSD MEPs initiate written declaration on Rosia Montana

MEPs of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Daciana Sarbu and Catalin Ivan this week have initiated a written declaration on the threat to destroy the national patrimony by means of the cyanide mining in the area of Rosia Montana (central Romania).

The MEPs request the intervention of the European Commission for stopping this kind of mining that might endanger part of the European anthropic and natural patrimony. The above-mentioned declaration may become the European Parliament’s position if it is signed by at least half of the MEPs (at least 376) within three months.

In the preamble to the written declaration they say that the economic, social, cultural and historical importance of the Rosia Montana area is quite inestimable both for Romania and for the European Union. They also warn against the fact that the use of cyanide-based technologies and the open-pit mining endanger the environment, human health and historical vestiges.

They also say that tourism can be an alternative for turning to account the natural and anthropic potential of the area in the context in which, following archaeological diggings, Rosia Montana appears to be one of the biggest mining centres of Romania.
The European Parliament is also urged to monitor the developments referring to the approval of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation project and check the pertinence of the impact studies. The declaration mentioned before will be sent by the President of the European Parliament to the parliaments of the European Union member states.

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