Vladescu: Romania is a country that pays its obligations

Romania is a country that pays all of its obligations, Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu on Wednesday said at a press conference. According to him, Romania has no financing or liquidities problems.

FinMin’s statements came after certain allegations Romania would be in default. ‘Such allegations saying Romania would be in default represent nothing else but a nonsense and I could say they are anti-national too, because they generate emotion on the markets,’ he said.
Moreover, the head of Finance said that the authorities maintain the macroeconomic stability, in the context in which if macroeconomic stability doesn’t exist, during such times of crisis, the effects of the downturn would get increasingly worse for the population.

‘I want to answer the question: ‘What did the Government and the Romanian National Bank, what have the state institutions done during such time of crisis?’ They have maintained macroeconomic stability. Macroeconomic stability is very important for every country.
We have a budget that allows us to function,’ said Vladescu.
He gave assurance that the state does have the money to pay pensions and salaries until the end of the year. ‘No citizen should be worried. We will pay pensions and salaries. Romania is a solid state,’ said Valdescu.

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