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COFAC: Romania supports Republic of Moldova’s European route

Romania supports the European aspirations of the states included in the EU Eastern Partnership, especially regarding the Republic of Moldova’s European route, the Chairman of the Romanian Senate’s Foreign Policy Committee Titus Corlatean told while attending the Conference of Chairmen of Foreign Affairs Committees in the National Parliaments of the EU states on Thursday (COFAC).

Under the Eastern Partnership, ‘Romania mainly supports the Republic of Moldova’s European route,’ said Corlatean, stating that in his address to the conference he encouraged ‘the acceleration of negotiations regarding the new Association Agreement with Republic of Moldova, a more flexible and open policy for settling the problem of visas, namely to lift them and the EU’s more active involvement in negotiation format regarding the Transdniestria region.’

Another issue Corlatean brought into discussion referred Turkey’s negotiations for EU accession. In this case as well, as Corlatean pointed out, Romania encourages the acceleration of these negotiations, together with a ‘more open and committed political attitude from Brussels and all member states – supporting a much more complex strategic perspective.’

The reaction of the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos was a positive one, said Corlatean, pointing out that this ‘confirms the (EU) Spanish Presidency’s wish to support an European project for the Republic of Moldova and the fact that Spain and Romania have similar attitudes related to Turkey’s accession to the EU.’

Titus Corlatean also said that in COFAC he had bilateral meetings with the chairmen of foreign affairs committees from France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey and with the vice chairman of the European Parliament Fiorello Provera. Moreover, as Corlatean said, the chairmen of foreign affairs committees from the German Bundestag and French Senate will pay official visits to Romania this year, on an invitation from their Romanian counterpart.


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