Cristian Busoi requests fast granting of financial support to Republic of Moldova

Euro-parliamentarian Cristian Busoi (ALDE/National Liberal Party), in a speech given on Wednesday to the European Parliament plenum, requested granting of financial support to the Republic of Moldova as soon as possible.

Busoi, member of the European Parliament delegation for the cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova, said that Chisinau sent encouraging signals regarding the political will of the new pro-European Government to commit, by means of a reform, to a solid and prosperous democracy.
“The pro-European Government in Chisinau has made visible progress over the few months since it was established and this is a clear signal of the sincere desire to irreversibly commit to the European road,” said Busoi.

He underlined that the European Parliament must be a supporter of the comprehensive reforming process to which the Government in Chisinau committed and pleaded for the liberalization of the visas for the Republic of Moldova’s citizens.
“I am hailing the beginning of the negotiations for a new partnership agreement starting in January 2010 and I believe that the European Parliament must be actively involved in this process, must support the conclusion of such an agreement, as well as a liberalized regime of visas.

The Republic of Moldova shares the European values and that is why I believe that both the European Commission and the European Parliament must support this Government through financial support granted as soon as possible, as well as through the European Union’s expertise in the different fields the reform refers to, such as justice or the economic field,” added the Liberal euro-deputy.
Last week, a European Parliament delegation, which included Cristian Busoi too, participated in the meeting of the Commission on the Parliamentary Cooperation between the European Union and Republic of Moldova, held in Chisinau.

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