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Danube is in good ecological state on Romania’s territory

Danube river waters are in a high or good ecological state, classified in the second quality class for 98.7 percent of the river stretches in Romania, according to a monitoring report remitted by the National Administration “Romanian Waters” valid for 2008.

According to ANAR experts, the state of Danube waters quality in 2008 was appreciated based on information received from 30 control stretches located both along the river and on Tulcea, Chilia, Sulina and Sf.Gheorghe river branches.
From the standpoint of physical and chemical indicators of the 1,075 km of the river monitored by ANAR, 1,061 (98.7 percent) are classified in the second class of quality and 14 km (1.3 percent) in the third quality class.

The saprobiological analysis lead to the classification of the Danube water bodies on the 1,075 km. monitored on the Romanian territory in the second quality class, respectively in the high or good ecological state.

“Results got following the two International Surveillance Expeditions organized by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) – Joint Danube Survey (JDS) 1 and 2, in 2001 and respectively 2007 underlined the strong depreciation of Arges due to the influence of used uncleaned water and the impact of the pollution degree of this affluent on the receptor water body – the Danube river”, ANAR says in its report.

JDS 2 experts encouraged capitals as Belgrade, Budapest and Bucharest to speed up the construction of waste water treatment stations, so that the used water coming from these big urban agglomerations are not evacuated polluted into the Danube and, depending on the case, in its tributaries.
In 2008 a number of 83 accidental polluting occurred, of which 49 with oil products, 13 with organic substances, eight with non-organic products and 13 of some other nature.

The Danube river was polluted in a percentage of 6 percent by the total of accidents, all with oil products and caused in the majority of cases by ships in transit. The Danube is the second biggest river in Europe after Volga, both in length (2,857 km) and as flow (approximately 5,600 cubic meters per second when entering Romania).

These days the Summit on the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region and the Danube Summit are under way in Budapest. The Conference represents the second event in a series of five international conferences set to be organized by EC on this theme. The Danube Summit is mainly dedicated to debates in the field of energy security at the highest level in the aim to find out a joint path to consolidate the energy security. Premier Emil Boc and the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Borbely Laszlo, represent Romania in both events.

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