Danube Summit in Budapest adopts final declaration

The states participating in the Danube Summit held in Budapest on Thursday adopted a final declaration by which they pledge to create a safe and prosperous Danube area in accordance with the common principles and values and with the fundamental goals.

The participating states seek to play an active role, to take part in drafting the strategy for the public and private sector and to encourage the involved players, particularly the regional and local authorities, the academic and business circles and the civil society.
The final declaration says the signatories will work together in order to find common solutions to the challenges facing the region in such areas as the environment, transport infrastructure, navigation, energy security, rural development, tourism, sport, food safety, migration and climate changes.

The document says the natural resources in the Danube basin should be used in a rational and cautious manner by protecting the human health, the wildlife and the environment.
The signatories pledge to exert all the necessary efforts so that the European Commission’s proposal on the Danube Strategy and the action plan for its implementation be ready by the end of 2010 and be adopted by mid-2011.

The declaration can also be joined by the states that are not European Union members or members of the Danube regional strategy such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine.
The Budapest Summit offered an opportunity for dialogue between the European Commission and the governmental officials of the states involved as well as with business executives, academics and international organisations representatives.


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