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Foreign Ministers of Romania and Hungary agreed on streamlining dialogue

Romania‘s Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi and his Hungarian counterpart Balazs Peter agreed in Budapest, on Thursday on streamlining the bilateral dialogue on some important decisions for Romania to be made during the Hungarian EU Presidency, the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) release informs.

‘Foreign Minister Baconschi stressed that important decisions for Romania such as the enlargement of the Schengen area, the Control and Verification Mechanism and the adoption of the EU Strategy for the Danube region are to be made, during Hungary’s EU Presidency. In the context, it was also agreed on streamlining the bilateral dialogue for the preparation and the materialization of these objectives,’ the MAE source reads on.

The two dignitaries also exchanged standpoints on the topical issues of the EU agenda namely the enactment of the Treaty of Lisbon, setting up the European External Action Service (EEAS), the 2020 Strategy, The Black Sea Synergy and the Eastern Partnership and underscored Romania and Hungary’s stances on most of the above mentioned topics.

Romania’s Foreign Minister thanked for the support Hungary gives to the initiative of setting up the group of friends for the European Action of the Republic of Moldova and referred to the importance of maintaining the European prospects of the Western Balkan states and the eastern neighboring ones. At the same time, ForMin Baconschi presented Romania’s decision on participating in the US anti-missile shield project and stressed the system’s defensive nature.

Both foreign ministers referred to the contributions both Romania and Hungary have made to the stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan and emphasized their joint outlook on the NATO’s New Strategic Concept.
Both top diplomats praised the high quality and substance of the Romanian – Hungarian strategic partnership and greeted the celebration of the 90th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations.

Likewise, they mentioned the potential of developing tangible border cooperation projects, a special attention being given to the interconnection of the national Romanian and the Hungarian energy grids. The meeting happened in sideline with the participation of the Romanian delegation headed by PM Emil Boc in the V4 Summit on Energy Security and the Summit on the Danube Strategy, in Budapest.

The Romanian officials congratulated the organizers on the two summits marking important developments at the level of the consolidation of a joint stance and the identification of tangible projects on the energy security and the development of the Danube region.

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