Minister Gabriel Oprea participates in Department for Armaments’ 2009 report

Minister of National Defense, Gabriel Oprea, on Thursday participated in the he Department for Armaments’s 2009 report meeting, occasion on which he appreciated the activity and results of the Department staff, the fulfillment of objectives and evaluated indicators, as well as the general activity in 2009, informs a release of the Ministry of National Defense.

The dignitary specified that, in the present context, the Department has a complex and difficult task to achieve, in order to reach the inter-operability and compatibility standards with allies and partners both in the country and in the theatres of operations, as well as in keeping with the rapid progress of technology on the international level.
Referring to the economic and financial crisis in Romania, the Minister stressed that it requires a re-thinking of priorities and objectives and, more than that, the identification of such methods and instruments to allow the efficient spending of the state resources available from the state budget.

‘We are concerned in particular with maintaining as priorities our programmes involving acquisitions to equip troops in the theatres of operations, to ensure all the necessary conditions for the soldier to conduct combat actions and to raise awareness of security and protection of our troops during the tasks, ‘ said Minister of Defence.

According to the aforementioned press release, Gabriel Oprea showed that the number 1 priority of the Department for Armaments and of the National Defence Ministry is the national interest and the endowment with the best equipment is particularly important for carrying out tasks by our fighters in conditions of inter-operability and compatibility with our allies and partners.

Reviewing the coordination of acquisition policies, our Defence Minister said that it must support the restructuring, modernization and privatisation of the defence industry through the cooperation with the specialists of the Department and the improving of the legal framework for this area with the EU and NATO, further involvement of economic operators in achieving modernization programs of equipping the army, their cooperation with NATO agencies and foreign firms, as well as through specific actions to promote export products.

Minister Oprea voiced conviction that the way of action implemented so far in training specialists and their determination to work well done are essential elements in securing, maintaining and developing capacities of the Romanian Army, with the Department for weapons playing a key role, the release also said.


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