Minister of Agriculture: A farmer can get 400 euros/hectare in 2010

An farmer breeding animals in Romania can theoretically get, in 2010, the sum of 400 euros/hectare, which is a historic level, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mihail Dumitru told a conference of the Agrostar trade union confederation.

He made it clear that a farmer got 81 euros, a single payment per area for every hectare of the area owned for breeding animals (pasture, hayfield), to which one can add direct national complementary payments amounting to 86 euros/hectare, 50 euros/hectare for an underprivileged area, as in Romania all hilly and mountainous regions are underprivileged, plus 197 euros/hectare as payments for the farming environment.

“In Romania’s recent history we have never given so large sums of money,” said Dumitru. The Minister of Agriculture mentioned that the Government decided to grant direct national complementary payments for agriculture at the highest level permitted by the European Union for this year, the total amount being 638 million euros, of which 351 million euros for animal breeding, the sum of 246 million euros being allocated to cattle breeding.

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