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Mircea Geoana waiting for PSD to decide on his further holding Senate chairmanship

In a post on his personal blog this Thursday, Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana declared that he holds his mandate as head of the Parliament’s Upper House at the disposal of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) which is to decide on whether he should further keep it or not.

‘I set my mandate as Senate Speaker at the party’s disposal. If PSD decides that I should resign, I will do it. I have no problem in this respect. But I have a problem with hush-up attempts that trade silence for positions. I understand that some want war inside the party, that they seek retaliation and are looking for someone to put the blame on. My advice to all these party colleagues is to let Victor Ponta run the party.

At this moment, he won and therefore he must hold the helm. Whoever is trying to manipulate Victor badly damages the party. As far as I am concerned, Victor has all my support, as long as he understands that it was him and not Ion Iliescu, Adrian Nastase and Miron Mitrea the one who was voted for in the Congress,’ writes Mircea Geoana.

He also stressed that he would not leave the Social Democratic Party. ‘The bad news for those who are not at ease with my presence in PSD is that I am not leaving the party. The good news, this time for my friends and Social-Democratic colleagues across the country, is the same. I am not quitting PSD and I will not look on idly if those who stood by my side will be harassed and hunted by those looking for payback,” argues the former Social-Democratic leader.

Geoana said that he would stay “committed to the party, to the values of the left and concerned with PSD’s trajectory and fate.’ “In the past years, I fought and succeeded to keep the party united. And whoever hints at something else has not been inside PSD in the past five years,” concludes Mircea Geoana.


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