National Defence Ministry heavily relying on cooperation with defence attachés accredited to Romania

Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea and head of the Romanian Chief of Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, met on Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defence (MApN) with defence military, air and naval attachés accredited to Romania.

Minister Gabriel Oprea rendered a picture of Romania’s defence policy and international cooperation priorities, as well as of the prospects of increasing cooperation with the corps of attachés accredited to Romania, which is an essential resource of the Ministry of National Defence, playing a central role in communication with the allies and partner states.

In this regard, the Minister said that Romania’s security and defence policy is based on the principle of collective security and international cooperation in the line of defence, with the relevant Ministry attaching special importance to dialogue, cooperation and concerted actions at regional and international level, reads a MApN release.

Gabriel Oprea stressed that Romania would continue to be part of international efforts to fight terrorism by actively participating in the operations carried out by international organizations, by supporting actions to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and by backing stabilization and reconstruction operations.
“Both within NATO and the EU, Romania has proven itself an active member and a reliable ally, fulfilling the assumed commitments by participating in the global hotspots where both organizations conduct operations,” the Minister of National Defence declared in this context.

Referring to defence-related priorities, Minister Gabriel Oprea said that they derive from Romania’s double status as NATO and EU member, with the continuous process of armed forces’ transformation and adjustment to developments in the international security environment serving as landmark. This status requires defining, promoting and protecting Romania’s security interests in both the NATO and European context, at both regional and bilateral level.

“With a view to strengthening Romania’s role inside NATO and the European Union, we further stay concerned with progress in the process of reforming this military body, by developing credible, modern and efficient defence capacities. Romania’s position in a strategic area of major importance determined our responsibly assuming an active role in promoting stability and security in the region,” said the Defence Minister.

Gabriel Oprea underscored that the Ministry of National Defence has developed in recent years bilateral relations with the armed forces of the countries wherewith it shares the same values or has converging interests, mentioning in this context the increased number of countries with which Romania has signed special cooperation partnerships. The Defence Minister highlighted the importance of rendering resource spending efficient, particularly by focusing cooperation on the operational dimension of troops training and instruction, and of military education.

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