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PM Emil Boc asks for Romanian minority representation in Budapest Parliament

The Bucharest Executive’s head, Premier Emil Boc, urged on Thursday, in Budapest, the Premier and the President of Hungary to make the necessary approaches so that the Romanian minority is represented in the neighboring country’s Parliament.

“I approached the issue, for the adoption of some fast and punctual moves aimed at securing the representation of the national minority in the Parliament of Hungary, according to the Constitutional provisions, decision which must be implemented and, at the level of the talks with the President of Hungary, we have established on joint accord that this measure must be applied”, said Emil Boc.

Emil Boc also urged his Hungarian counterpart Bajnai Gordon to find out ways to prevent the situations in which a minority, in the given case the Romanian one, is represented in the local administrative structures by people not part of that minority, a phenomenon named “ethnobusiness”.

“We discussed about a rule which tends to become non-functional, inefficient and abusive as for the representation of the national minorities by people who are not members of the respective minority.

The phenomenon is named ethnobusiness, namely a person, non-member of the respective minority, says he/she is a member of the respective community and even represents it in various local or central structures.
The European legislation does not stop any person to declare its membership to a certain minority, but at the same time it is not normal that a community is represented into a local structure, for instance, without knowing the language of that minority”, stated Emil Boc who met on Thursday the Premier of the Republic of Hungary on the sidelines of the Danube Summit organized in Budapest.


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