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PM Emil Boc at the Danube Summit: Strategy, practical skills equally needed

Attending on Thursday the Conference on the EU Strategy for the Danube, Prime Minister Emil Boc told the audience that the actors involved need to be “good at strategies,’ but also at practical aspects and that there is the risk that the strategy remains just a concept on paper if it is not complemented with projects.

In this regard, the Prime Minister proposed the expansion of the railroad that links the Center to the South-East of Europe towards Budapest, Bucharest and Constanta.
The head of the Bucharest government stressed that the Danube Strategy is an opportunity to identify projects of cross-border relevance which should incorporate the three pillars envisaged by the European Commission: connectivity, the protection of the environment, and social and economic development.

“We need to be good at strategies, but we need to be good at practical aspects too. We have to fill, to complete this strategy with projects, otherwise it will stay just a piece of paper.

An example of such a project that can be carried through by the common will of all riparian states is the rail that connects Central to South-Eastern Europe. I am referring here to the Paris-Strasbourg-Bratislava rail route that should be expanded towards Budapest, Bucharest and Constanta,” said Boc.

According to the Premier, by joining forces in such projects, the Danube riparian states will be able to reach a cohesion of their political goals in a more efficient manner and could take the next steps for the launch of projects capable of ensuring dialogue at all levels: local, national, macro-regional and across the community.

Emil Boc stressed that the Danube remains one of Romania’s priorities and pleaded for a flexible labor market and the recognition of education as a strategic factor for sustainable development. Furthermore, tourism is an important industry that needs to be developed in the region.
“We are all bound to this river by traditions, cultural values and economic interests.

The Danube represents our common past and our future existence, a blue strip running between the Black Forest and the Black Sea, a genuine collection of spiritual and social connections and a one-of-a-kind space for European civilization,” said Emil Boc, arguing the need for a consistent strategy for the Danube.
Boc called for transforming the Danube region in a prosperous and valuable area of Europe, mentioning that to this end, transport and environmental protection, good governance and sustainable social and economic development need to be entwined.

“In 2007, the enlargement process took the EU to the Black Sea shores. Cooperation between the EU and the neighboring countries saw its significance increase. The political lines that separated us in the past are gone, but in order to eradicate the still persisting barriers – those separating people and cultures, markets and infrastructure networks – we need a more creative approach,” said Emil Boc.

Building a strong Europe means building relationships, strong connectivity at national, regional and community level, added the head of the Romanian government.
“The Danube can become a good example of how to implement a macro-regional strategy. The Danube can thus substantially contribute to increasing our citizens’ prosperity,’ argued Emil Boc.


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