PSD to submit Constitution revision project to Parliament

Social Democrats are submitting on Thursday, in the Parliament, a draft law for the Constitution revision, the main items referring to the continuation of a two chamber legislative, where the Chamber of Deputies has 300-320 deputies and the Senate will be formed of two senators for each county, to be elected by the local and county counselors.

“Lately, the Constitution revision – as a collateral move to the referendum on Nov. 22 last year – is a process that must be continued. We further want a two-chamber Parliament, with a sole modification – namely that the Senate, as the upper house, must represent the local authorities.
As such, we propose that each county is represented by two elected senators by the respective local and county counselors. In Bucharest, because we assimilate it to six counties, we propose the election of 12 senators”, pointed out in a press conference PSD deputy Florin Iordache.

Another constitutional provision, aimed at by the Social Democrats, refers to the amendment of the Electoral Law, so that the lawmakers, once elected on a party list, even based on the uninominal vote, following their resignation from the respective formation would lose their mandate, the same as the local and county elected officials.
Iordache stressed that the draft law will follow the normal procedure in the Parliament because the eventual amendments to the Law of changing the Constitution must be debated by the specialized committee.

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