Romania supports EU Strategy for Danube region

Romania supports the working out of a EU strategy for the Danube region, aimed at efficiently earmarking and spending European funding, Minister of Environment and Forestry Laszlo Borbely declared after the Conference on the European Union’s Strategy for the Danube region and the Danube Summit held in Budapest.

The Romanian official said that “the hard part begins only now, when we put behind the stage of theoretical discussions and principle-setting and need to focus on the implementation of the projects with a view to completing the strategy.’
“For Romania, the Danube Strategy will signify assuming the role of promoter and initiator of a new cooperation format, which will contribute, through its dynamics, to supporting the regional external commitments, which will pave the way for the economic recovery of the counties in the Danube basin and for job generation,” added Borbely.

The public consultation process on the EU Strategy for the Danube region was launched by the European Commission at the Ulm Conference. The series of events devoted to this consultation process will end with an event scheduled for June 10 – 12, in Romania, Constanta. The Summit on the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region and the Danube Summit took place these days in Budapest.
The conference is the second of a series of five international conferences to be organized by the European Commission on this subject. The Danube Summit is mainly devoted to top-level talks on energy security with a view to identifying a common way to strengthen energy security.

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