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Romanians’ at-home consumption of beer and coffee increases

One of the economic crisis effects upon the consumer goods of daily use is that the at-home consumption increased, in 2009, for some of the products, such as beer or coffee, which apparently the Romanians preferred to drink at home rather than going out, a GfK Romania release sent on Thursday informs.

The 6 percent increase in 2009 from 2008 in the amounts paid by the domestic consumers in Romania for purchasing goods of daily use was largely influenced by the inflation level in 2009, consider the GfK analysts while underlining that the at-home consumption level of oil, beer, coffee and yogurt has increased. An important trend observed in 2009 was the Romanians’ orientation towards the at-home consumption of certain products.

Among the products which are not staple goods, but which consumers bought despite the unfavourable economic context, is the roasted and ground coffee. The producers maintained the consumption level through promotions focused both on added value and price. The result translated into a higher purchase frequency and, implicitly, a higher level of consumption, the packed coffee being among the preferences.

The orientation towards the at-home consumption is also reflected by a 9 percent increase in such beer consumption. As with coffee, the producers have been extremely active in trying to find incentives for consumption. The aggressive promotional activities persuaded the consumers to purchase beer more often and in larger quantities upon one purchase. The consumers’ preferences were directed towards the plastic bottled and canned beer.

This study is based on information received by monitoring the domestic consumption of roughly 90 categories of consumer goods, on a sample of 2.200 households.
The GfK Group has more than 150 branches at present in 100 countries on five continents. GfK Romania, established in 1992, is an integral part of GfK Group.

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