The EIB increased its total lending volume in 2009 to EUR 79 billion, a 37 percent rise from EUR 58 billion in 2008

The European Investments Bank proved to be a solid pillar of financial stability in the extremely difficult current economic context of the year 2009. It succeeded attaining and even exceeding its ambitious targets it set for 2009. We showed, we were able to make a considerable contribution to the European economy, EIB president Philippe Maystadt stressed.

The EIB is the EU lending institution established in 1958 under the Treaty of Rome, and its headquarters is located in Luxembourg. The Bank’s owners are the EU member states, whose lending activity mainly finances projects promoting a balanced regional development and the economic and the social cohesion in an enlarged European Union.

EIB’s activities in Romania cover a wide range of sectors, such as the infrastructure of the manufacturing, the services, the support to the Small and Medium Seized Companies (SEMs) as well as the education and the promotion of the economy relying on knowledge.

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