The u-turn in 2009 opens new avenues for cooperation between Moldova and Romania

An exhibition called ‘The Home Icons. The Collection of Petru and Andrei Costin from Moldova,’ opened on Wednesday at the Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum of Bucharest in the presence of diplomats and officials of the culture ministries of Romania and Moldova.

‘Unfortunately, after 2001, which I believe was a historic accident, relations between Moldova and Romania contracted at certain levels and particularly in the culture arena. On the other hand, the u-turn of 2009 in Chisinau has opened new avenues for cooperation, which should be normal because Moldova and Romania together belong to a same historic and cultural framework, being a joint ethnic and cultural entity.

We are one people that speaks the same language and I believe this exhibition, hosted by the Village Museum, is living proof, a highlight that marks cultural openness,’ Deputy Culture Minister of Moldova Gheorghe Postica told the opening of the exhibition.
Postica underscored the importance of cultural cooperation between Moldova and Romania, and particularly the importance of communication between the two countries.

State secretary with the Romanian Culture Minister Vasile Timis said the exhibition talks about the responsibility of its curators, and that the icons on display are a synthesis of Eastern culture where influences from other areas blends. Attending the opening of the exhibition were many diplomats, including the ambassadors in Bucharest of Moldova, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Canada, men of letters and Maria Basescu, wife of Romania’s President Traian Basescu.

One hundred icons in the collection of Petru and Andrei Costin of Moldova dating from the 18th to the 20th century are exhibited in the Gheorghe Focsa Hall of the Village Museum. The exhibition stays open throughout March 24.


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