Bulgaria, Romania sign 2007-2013 cross-border cooperation memorandum of understanding

Bulgaria and Romania on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding concerning a 2010- 2013 Cross-Border Cooperation Programme and a memorandum concerning the establishment of an operational air space bloc.

The first document was signed by Bulgarian Minister for Development Rosen Plevnaliev and Romanian Development Minister Elena Udrea. The second was signed by Romanian Transport Minister Radu Berceanu and Bulgarian Transport Minister Alexandar Tvetkov, in the presence of Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc and Bulgarian Prime Minister Bojko Borisov.

The 2010-2013 Cross-Border Cooperation Programme has been earmarked a budget worth 256 million euros, 85 percent of which is provided from the European Fund for Regional Development.
Under the second memorandum, the two countries are lying the foundations for an operational air space bloc that will allow any of the two countries to manage the air space of the other in an emergency. The document also simplifies the legal procedures connected to the management of the two countries’ air space.

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