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C.V. Tudor urges against stray dogs’ euthanasia in European Parliament

The Chairman of the Greater Romania Party (PRM) Corneliu Vadim Tudor said on Friday that he approached the topic of Romanian stray dogs before the European Parliament (EP), pointing out that their ‘massacre’ must come to an end.

‘These days, the Capital’s prefect asks for the amendment of a law adopted by the Parliament, requiring thus the killing of stray dogs. I kindly ask the European Parliament to invite the Romanian Government to observe the Universal Declaration of Animals Rights. It is common knowledge that where there are no dogs, there are no rats or snakes either. The stray dogs massacre in Romania must come to an end,’ Tudor told a news conference, reaffirming one of his ideas presented in the address delivered in the European legislature.

The PRM leader said that his speech was received with applause and a Polish politician even proposed that his speech became a European Parliament Resolution.
He added that the stray dogs issue should be dealt with according to the law, as it had happened in other civilised countries.
‘History proved that, beyond the barbaric and shocking spectacle mainly for children, their removal, their killing, was not a solution. Dogs will reproduce at a geometrical progression rate. (…)

The solution is to sterilise, castrate them and slowly but surely, in five or six years, the stray dogs’ population in the streets will be reduced naturally,’ Vadim said.
In his turn, PRM vice chairman Marius Marinescu pointed out that according to the Law 9/2008, all dogs, with or without owners, should be identified, so that lost animals were found more easily and dog abandonment practices were fined. He added that all dogs must be sterilised, with the exception of those registered in kennel clubs.

Marinescu talked about an existing legal provision which stipulates that it is the obligation of the mayor’s offices to set up shelters for stray dogs. He also added that according to the NGOs estimates, there were 30,000-40,000 stray dogs in Bucharest which could be sterilised in less than two months, given that there were about 100 veterinary clinics.

‘The mayor’s offices have an interest in keeping dogs in the streets, because stray dogs have become a business. The Bucharest City Hall has spent 13 million euros for the stray dogs since 2001. With this amount of money they could have sterilised the stray dogs throughout the entire Europe,’ said Marinescu.


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