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Emil Boc: Romania and Bulgaria are partner states and not competitors within EU

Romania and Bulgaria are partner states and not competitors within the European Union, Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc on Friday told a press conference he delivered together with his Bulgarian counterpart Boiko Borisov, while referring to joint projects in which the two countries are involved.

‘We have so many things that unite us, we have common interests in the EU, we are partners and not competitors within the EU,’ said Emil Boc. Among the common problems the two countries must solve, the Romanian Premier noted: Schengen Space accession in 2011, joining the euro, the mechanism for cooperation in justice, cooperation under the Danube Strategy, cooperation within the Eastern Partnership and supporting of the Nabucco project, which Emil Boc underlined it represents a priority for both countries.

Emil Boc said that, by signing the memorandum of cross-border cooperation, the two countries would have at their disposal 262 million euros, European money for implementation of joint projects.

‘We have bad news for our ministers, for they will work very hard from now on, since we have decided to meet regularly, on which occasions we will also check on the activity of the ministries and of their subordinate structures, so that we benefit of this competitive advantage that we have and translate it into practice, through concrete projects for the benefit of both our countries. (…) We will meet often and you will get used to us. We hope we will have concrete results after each meeting,’ said Emil Boc.


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