Most Romanians get EU Commission’s low profile jobs

Although they speak many foreign languages and are graduates of famous European universities eager to ascend, most of the Romanians who work in the EU Commission are stuck in the positions at the base of the EU Executive’s pyramid, such as AD5 (administrators) and AST 1 – AST 3 (assistants).

Three years after Romania joined the EU, most of the Romanian employees with the Commission still work in low profile jobs. As many as 549 Romanians, namely 277 administrators and 272 assistants work at EU Commission. Nevertheless the Romanians hold low posts and therefore they earn the poorest wages.

Statistics say that most of the Romanians working at the EU Commission are AD5 and AD6, namely 249 of the total 277 administrators are AD5, and only five got the highest rank AD14, and no Romanian got the highest possible AD16.

Likewise, the EU Commission numbers 272 Romanian assistants, 268 of which are AST1- AST3, from 11 ranks, possibly. It is worth reminding the readers that the Romanian assistants speak fluently two or even three foreign languages and have one university degree, at the least, master degrees and even doctor degrees taken both in Romania and in other EU countries.

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