NCTS gets operational in Romania’s customs offices

The Romanian Customs Authority (ANV) on Friday, started implementing the project on the Development of the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) and the NCTS/TIR, in the Romanian customs offices.

NCTS is a European wide system, based upon electronic declarations and processing, designed to provide better management and control of the Community and Common Transit, and it replaces prints, being intended to make the transit system securer. The project was developed over 16 months, cost 700,000 euros, and it was financed through the PHARE Programme -Transit Facility Programme 2007/19343, 05.01. – Strengthening Operational and Administrative Capacity of the Customs Authority.

NCTS – Security and Safety Aspects and NCTS/TIR get operational in all the EU countries, enabling a faster and safer goods transit, and provide the business environment high performance services and facilities, simplifying the customs formalities.


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