PM Boc no longer accepts delay in building of Calafat-Vidin bridge

PM Emil Boc and his Bulgarian counterpart Boiko Borisov, on Friday warned the officials of the FFC Construction the builder of the Calafat-Vidin bridge that they no longer accept any excuse for the delays and set deadline of June 9, 2011 to have the works finished.

PM Boc and his Bulgarian counterpart Boiko Borisov were visiting the building sit of the Vidin-Calafat Bridge on the Danube’s Bulgarian bank. ‘We want no more excuses, but deeds.
We have here Romania’s Transport Minister (Radu Berceanu – editor’s note) who knows all about it, and from now on, we accept no more excuses. And we want to inaugurate the Bridge on June 9, 2011, all the rest is but stories,’ PM Boc told the head of the FFC Construction’s building site Alberto Bergara.

The delays were caused by the fact that both the Romanian and the Bulgarian authorities failed providing the builder the environment assessments and all the required documents to have the works started, said Bergara. Transport Minister Berceanu, however contradicted Bergara saying there were not the authorities to be blamed for all the delays.

The Bulgarian Premier, in his turn, reminded the builders that the governments in Sofia and in Bucharest had already done the joint moves to get the deadlines protracted by, the EU Commission, and to prevent the withdrawal of the EU financing.
Start work and pray to God that Brussels agrees on the prolongation, PM Borisov told the Company’s official. Likewise, the two Premiers plan to inaugurate the ferryboat line on the Danube connecting Turnu Magurele (Romania) and Nicopole (Bulgaria), late in March.

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