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Romanian-Hungarian bilateral meeting to discuss Arad-Szeged project

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment (MECMA) is to organise in Bucharest a meeting of the Romanian-Hungarian working group to discuss the Arad-Szeged gas pipeline project and the Oradea-Békéscsaba electrical interconnection lines of 400 kV, according to a release of the MECMA.

Economy Minister Adriean Videanu voiced his intention to organise the meeting of the working group to discuss the Arad-Szeged gas pipeline project, as well as at the electrical interconnection line of 400 kV Oradea – Békéscsaba, on the occasion of the bilateral meetings he had in Budapest with the Hungarian Minister of Transport, Communications and Energy, Peter Honig, and the Hungarian Ministry of National Development and Economy, Istvan Varga.

The head of Economy also participated in the Energy Security Summit in Budapest, together with the Romanian governmental delegation, led by Prime Minister Emil Boc.
The Hungarian segment of the Szeged – Arad gas pipeline, which ensures the interconnection of the gas transmission system in Romania with the one in Hungary, is already finished, total costs amounting to some nine billion Hungarian forints, announced the Hungarian gas distributor FGSz Földgázszállító, that owns and operates the gas pipeline together with the Romanian company Transgaz.

The pipeline has a capacity of 500,000 cubic meters per hour, and the section in Hungary is ready for testing. Transgaz built 37 kilometres out of the 62 km of pipeline to be built in Romania. The pipeline will be put into operation during the months of February-March 2010, announced recently Transgaz.

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