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Romanian-Hungarian cross-border project to develop transport network

The Arad (western Romania) authorities on Friday unveiled the project for the joint development of transport networks of Arad and Gyula (Hungary), a project selected under the Romania-Hungary 2007-2013 Cross-Border Cooperation Programme and co-financed under the European Regional Development Fund by the European Union.

Arad deputy mayor Levente Bognar said that the project’s objective was to work out studies on the development of the transport networks in Arad and Gyula, in order to synchronically develop the transport networks of the two cities, aiming also to contribute to the improvement of road access to the border towns and prepare better, faster and safer road links.

The present road networks of the two cities cannot cope with the heavy traffic. Both countries designed fast road networks for the interconnection of which the 40-km-long cross-border area was needed. The total value of the project is 570,732 euros, out of which 554,195 euros represent non-repayable co-financing. Of this amount Arad Municipality takes 392,000 euros of non-reimbursable financing, its own share being of 8,000 euros from the local budget.

Gyula Municipality takes a non-repayable amount of 162,195.40 euros, its own share being 8,536 euros. ‘Four traffic studies will be drafted in this project, one of them for Arad (on traffic network development) and three for Gyula (on connecting the M44 Bekescsaba – Gyula road with the Arad – Oradea national road, traffic network development for Gyula city and traffic planning for the roads with high risk of accidents),’ added Bognar.


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