Romania’s goal is to become European integration beneficiary

Romania’s goal – after the Lisbon Treaty has taken effect – stays to become a beneficiary of the European integration, head of the European Affairs Department (EAD) Bogdan Manoiu said on Friday.

According to him, such a goal can be achieved by an effective involvement in the European decision-making and by reflecting Romania’s development interests in the public policies drafted in the European Union. Manoiu told a conference dedicated to the enforcement of the Lisbon Treaty that the Romanian priorities are linked to the EU developments, but they also reflect concrete national interests.

‘They include the stepped up reforms of the judicial system, the accession to the Schengen zone in March 2011, a more vigorous tax consolidation for Romania’s accession to the euro zone in 2014/2015, the integration of the climate change aspects in the main national policies and the safety of energy supply and power infrastructure by means of the strategic projects’, the Department head said in a release on Friday.

As far as Romania is concerned, Manoiu said, the stake consists in outlining a coherent development model that should ensure both the re-start of the economy by taking into account the environmental and social integration objectives and getting prepared to avoid fresh downturns.

In the opening of the event staged by the EAD, the Romanian Society of EU Law, the Romanian Judiciary’s Union and the Centre for European Law Studies, Manoiu cited the main institutional changes brought by the Lisbon Treaty, that took effect on Dec. 1, 2009. He also highlighted the Treaty impact on the EU policies and explained the role the EAD has as the main guarantor that the Lisbon Treaty provisions are observed and implemented on a national level.

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