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Speaker Anastase: We hope to find a partner in Kiev to settle a difficult bilateral agenda

Speaker of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase on Thursday represented Romania in the inauguration of Ukraine’s new President Viktor Yanukovych.
The Chamber of Deputies reports in a press release that Anastase said the presidential election in Ukraine was conducted in a free and transparent manner, which proves the democratic developments of late recorded by Ukraine.

Anastase is also quoted as saying there were some nationalistic overtones in the presidential election campaign in Ukraine that unjustly pointed to Romania, ‘but now there are premises for a time of peace and construction.’
‘The presence of the Romanian delegation in Kiev is a signal of support from Romania to the continuation of the process of rapprochement of Ukraine to European and Euro-Atlantic bodies and for deep-going internal reforms. We hope to find a partner in Kiev for dialogue to settle a packed and very difficult bilateral agenda,’ said Anastase.

The inauguration ceremony of Ukraine’s President took place in the hall of plenary sessions of Ukraine’s Supreme Rada, in the presence of heads of state or government and legislative chambers from the region, of the foreign diplomatic corps accredited in Kiev and officials of various international organisations. While in Kiev, Anastase met President of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu and representative of the Romanian community in Ukraine’s Parliament Ion Poescu.

Referring to the Romanian community of Ukraine, Anastase advocated personal involvement of Ukrainian leaders in securing the human rights of the Romanians of Ukraine. Anastase also stated herself in favour of the Ukrainian Government subsidiszing associations of Romanian ethnics, the Romanian media of Ukraine, and mother-tongue education, as promised during the election campaign and in line with the principle of reciprocity.

At her meeting with Moldova’s President Ghimpu, Anastase gave assurances that the entire political class of Romania is supporting Moldova’s process of democratic reform and rapprochement to the European Union. ‘No matter how late and no matter how difficult, Moldova’s place is within the European Union, and I am sure Moldova will get there,’ said Anastase.


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