Opposition, power MPs accuse one other of dictatorship in plenary Parliament meeting

The lawmakers of the opposition and the power accused one another of dictatorship, after the Senate and the Deputies’ Chamber resumed the plenary works on Wednesday, when they were to discuss the Romanian Television Corporation’s (SRTV) 2008 report.

The argument began when the opposition lawmakers found that there was not the required quorum to discuss the SRTV report. Ruling Democratic Liberal deputy Ioan Oltean said that lately in Parliament there have been encountered ‘unprecedented cases’. Oltean accused the opposition Social Democratic (PSD) and Liberal (PNL) groups of leaving the plenary meeting with no justifiable reason, for the mere sake of blocking the legislature’s activity.

‘They have forgotten the times when the used to trample over a minority. /…/ The majority has always imposed its viewpoint to the detriment of the minority. This is the elementary law of democracy’, said Oltean, while the attending Democratic Liberal colleagues applauded. The opposition retorted when Social Democratic Aura Vasile told her PD-L colleague he had just given the definition of the dictatorship.

She accused the Democratic Liberals that ‘since they set up a majority with the help of the defectors from other parties’ they have done nothing but establish what they are reluctant to admit – ‘a regime that wants to do only what it pleases’.
Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Roberta Anastase accused the PSD and PNL representatives that ever since the sitting had begun earlier in the day they had but one goal – to block the debates on the SRTV report.

Anastase said the report issued by the Commission on culture says that 14 million euros is missing from the public television’s managed funds. ‘We have all noticed the political side-taking in the last years. Nobody in the PSD or PNL wanted to consider that the time has come to openly discuss such fund management and where the Romanians’ money goes’, Anastase said.

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