Romania’s international reserves exceed 34 billion euros

On March 31, 2010 Romania’s international reserves – foreign exchange plus gold stocks – stood at 34.784 billion euros as compared to 32.465 billion euros on February 28, the National Bank of Romania informs on Thursday.

On March 31 the foreign exchange reserves amounted to 32.036 billion euros against 29.739 billion euros on February 28. The total inflows amounted to 2.997 billion euros, comprising inflows in the Ministry of Public Finances accounts, changes in the minimum foreign exchange reserves set up by the credit institution, income from the management of foreign exchange reserves and other.

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The total outflows amounted to 700 million euros, representing changes in the minimum foreign exchange reserves set up by the credit institutions, payments from the European Commission’s account, interest and principal payments associated to the direct and state-guaranteed public external debt and others.
The gold stock remained steady at 103.7 tons. Given the evolutions of the international prices of gold, its value amounted to 2.748 billion tons. Due payments in April 2010 on the account of the direct and Ministry of Finance-guaranteed public external debt amount to 113 million euros.

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