Prosecutors seize 25 buildings of Rodipet

Prosecutors of the Department for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) decided to place 25 buildings (five hotels), 136 cars and equipment under sequestration, during the inquiry opened in the case of Rodipet having been legally declared financially insolvent.

Tuesday morning, DIICOT prosecutors have conducted 24 searches at the residence of those involved, in Bucharest and the counties of Constanta and Ilfov, for finding evidence of the activities run by the organized crime group, led by brothers Awdi, in the aim to acquire, use and trafficking Rodipet SA assets (currently SC Network Press Concept SA).

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According to a DIICOT release, criminal investigation proceedings have been ordered against nine persons, among whom the brothers Awdi Hassan and Awdi Mehdi, Rodipet bosses, led to DIICOT headquarters for the inquest purposes.

„Research conducted to date established that in all the post-privatization period, respectively after the conclusion of the privatization contract No. 62/2005, SC Rodipet SA managers, taking advantage of the lack of post-privatization control checks in the aim to assess the observation of the financial regulations, as well as of their dominant position in the administrative board, have conducted a policy of ruining the company, materialized in the conclusion of some loan contracts, consultancy, representation, sales, services, totally to the disadvantage of the said company”, DIICOT says.

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The prosecutors said that, thus, the members of the criminal group, coordinated by Awdi Hassan and Awdi Mehdi brothers, have caused a damage in the total value of 35.5 million euros. They used approximately 70 commercial companies to muster the company’s bankruptcy and ruin.

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