Sea-going ship runs aground near Tulcea Port

A sea-going ship under Comoros flag, with a 13-strong crew, ran aground Tuesday afternoon in the maritime sector of the Danube, on the left bank of the river, near the eastern Port of Tulcea.

The Lada 2005 ship under the command of the Ukrainian Averyanov Oleksandr, was loaded in the ports of Galati and Braila (east) with 2,757.26 tonnes scrap iron that was to be shipped to the Port of Tsingeli, Greece; as a result of a wrong maneuver by the helmsman, the ship deviated from route.
The commander took the helm over, but inertia and strong currents stranded the vessel some 50 meters off the shore. A team of the Tulcea Port Master’s Office went to the site for research. The incident caused no pollution, no victim and neither was the waterway blocked.

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