Sainsbury Centre exhibits figurines of Teleorman

Over 30 Gumelnita-type figurines, found during the latest archeological researches in Vitanesti, Teleorman County (southern Romania), and currently belonging to the patrimony of the County Museum of Alexandria Municipality (south), can be seen at the Unearthed Exhibition opened at the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts, in Norwich, UK, starting Tuesday June 22.

The British exhibition brings together over 100 prehistoric ceramic figurines some of them quite small, from Japan, Romania, Macedonia, Albania and the UK, Alexandria-based Museum’s spokesperson Corina Iordan told. The exhibition also shows contemporary art works, and pictures of the Japanese Archipelago and the Balkan area.
According to her, the ancient figurines represent clay moulding traditions, from antipodal areas, and experts think their function was to enhance cattle’s fertility and bring rich crops. The Unearthed Exhibition is open till August 29.

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