CCR judge: Pension collecting relies on past contributions, therefore benefit cut is unconstitutional

The reduction of pensions is unconstitutional because it refers to a past activity, given that the current retirees have paid contributions during their time of employment, judge Ion Predescu of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) declared on Friday.

At the end of the session during which CCR ruled that the cut of pensions by 15% is unconstitutional, Predescu argued that wages and allowances can be modified, because they are „active and for the future,” whereas pensions are not. In the opinion of the judge, a retiree who has duly paid contributions for over 30 years shouldn’t bear the guilt for the state’s incapability of managing them well.

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The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) on Friday ruled that Art. 9 of the Law on specific measures aimed at restoring the budget balance, stating that „(1) Gross pensions and allowances of assistants to 1st degree disability retirees shall be cut by 15 percent from the day the present act takes effect. (2) A pension grade of RON 622.9 shall be used to establish the gross value of the pensions and of the allowances of the assistants to 1st degree disability retirees” is unconstitutional.

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