Public administration requires information systems worth 30 million euros


Romania’s central and local public administrations need to implement 60 information systems that may cost 30 million euros, Chairman of the National Centre for the Management of the Information Society (CNMSI) Ionut Damian told a news conference on Tuesday.

‘For the first time in Romania, there is a switch form a reactive to a proactive approach particularly in the IT province. More than 20 systems are required nationwide by the central public administration and more than 40 by local public administration. The 60 systems are valued at 30 million euros, 500,000 euros on the average for each implemented system,’ Damian explained.

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He added that once these systems are in place savings of 500 million euros would be possible in five years thereafter. Damian also said that most of the equipment and systems acquired by the central and local administrations are oversized. On June 17, 2010, the Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCI), via the CNMSI, launched an open bid to the central and local public authorities for the upgrade of their IT&C infrastructure by using highly performing computing resources made available under the National Supercomputing Programme.

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IDG Romania, a local leading publishing and events company, on Tuesday organised in Bucharest the 8th edition of an e-governance conference called ‘eGovernemnt – the engine for Romania’s IT&C market.’ The event was held under the aegis of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and targeted decision makers from the local and central public administrations, companies, national corporations, and energy corporations.

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