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Romania’s Air Force Staff to be overhauled starting July 1, 2010

Romania‘s Air Force Staff will undergo several structural adjustments as from July 1, the National Defence Ministry (MApN) reports on a press release.
The changes are aimed at increasing interoperability with the NATO structures while keeping the traditions of the Air Force alive.

Thus, Air Transport Base 90 will become Air Transport Flotilla 90; Air Base 71 becomes Air Flotilla 71; Air Base 86 becomes Air Flotilla 86 and Air Base 95 will be Air Flotilla 95. The transformation and modernisation of the Romanian Air Force are said to be a continual process of development and integration of new concepts, strategies, doctrines in order to create operational structures, simplify the command and control chain and improve efficiency and the capability for self-adjustments to the new security milieu, which is highly complex, reads the release.

The air flotillas are big air force units composed of squadrons set up by missions, and their implementation is thought to boost the combat force, the maneuvering and logistics support of the forces. The creation of these new capabilities is said to secure increased capacity to respond to the dynamic developments in the air forces under an integrated command and control system.

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