Train fares to go up 5pct on July 1, 2010

CFR Calatori, the national passenger rail carrier of Romania, has decided to increase by 5 percent its train fairs from July 1 following the Government’s ordinance under which the Tax Code is modified to allow for a 5 percent increase in the Value Added Tax (VAT), CFR Calatori General Manager Liviu Pescarasu told on Thursday.

The previous rise in CFR fares was 8.1 percent and conducted on September 1, 2007. CFR Calatori has recently asked to be allowed to increase fares by 9 percent, which would include inflation, but the Finance Ministry rejected the demand. The fares charged by the RATB Bucharest mass transit operator and Metrorex underground operator were not hiked as from July 1, but the two operators are expected to apply the new VAT values as well.

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