Vasile Blaga: eight localities affected by bad weather in the past 24 hours

The weather phenomena of the last 24 hours have affected eight localities, 122 households having been flooded and also a national road in Buzau County (central-south), Minister of Administration and Interior Vasile Blaga told a videoconference with prefects nationwide on Friday.

He also added that there are few more localities in the Cluj County (central Romania) and Galati (eastern) left without electricity. Minister Blaga specified that the floods have damages more than 2,000 footbridges, over 340 bridges and 71,000 hectares of arable land so far. According to him, of the 19,700 people evacuated from the way of the floods have returned home over 18,200. Minister Blaga said that the Danube is still decreasing in Galati and Tulcea.

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