Water forecasters issue new Prut flood advisories

Water forecasters have issued and reconfirmed flood advisories in relation to the eastern Prut River. The advisories will be on throughout the month. The Water Forecast and Water Management Institute (INHGA) is warning that the Prut will exceed its warning, danger and flood levels July 19, 15:00hrs, local – July 31, 16:00hrs, local, because of flashfloods previously generated at the Stanca Costesti reservoir.

Given the current water and weather conditions, INHGA has reaffirmed its code red and code yellow flood advisories for the Prut July 19, 15:00hrs, local – July 20, 06:00 hrs, local. The code red flood advisory for the Prut, on the Falciu – Danube (eastern Galati County) portion will be on throughout July 31, 16:00hrs, local. The same code is on for the water measurement station Drancesti, eastern Vaslui County, on July 20 only.

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