Bucharest hosts International Aerial Archaeology Conference

More than 100 scientists from 24 countries will attend the AARG 2010 International Aerial Archeology Conference that takes place for the first time in Bucharest, between September 15-18, the organizers of the event – the International Association of the Aerial Archeology Research Group (AARG) and the CIMEC Cultural Memory Institute in Bucharest, informed in a release.

The AARG 2010 brings together for the first time the results of several aerial research projects conducted in various regions of Romania, highlighting their contribution to archaeological knowledge and the study of cultural landscapes, as aerial archaeology is widely used in many countries as an efficient non-destructive method to index, study, monitor and protect the cultural heritage, especially the archaeological one.

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The first day of the conference will be dedicated to the usage of aerial photography for archaeological purposes, aerial archeology projects carried out in various regions and the interpretation of aerial images; in the second day of the conference, scientific papers will be presented on the use of satellite, aerial photographs and scanning for the investigation of landscape evolution.

The event will be preceded by a seminar on the subject of ‘Aerial archaeological mapping: planning, organization, results,’ which is to take place on Sept. 15. According to the organizers, the conference will be followed by the launch meeting of ArchaeoLandscapes Europe, a project that was approved as part of the Culture 2007-2013 programme, and having CIMEC and another 27 European organizations as co-organizer.
The goal of the ArchaeoLandscapes network is to encourage the employment of aerial research and remote sensing to promote the understanding and conservation of the archaeological landscapes and heritage common to European Union countries and also to entertain the public with such views.

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The Cultural Memory Institute – CIMEC, founded in 1978 as a national organization for managing cultural heritage databases, is a public institution subordinated since 2009 to the National Centre for Professional Cultural Training with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The main mission of the institute is to research, develop and implement IT and communication technologies in the area of cultural heritage.

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