Minister Udrea wants to shine a light on tax evasion in tourism

Minister for Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea on Friday said she will initiate an ample campaign to bring to light tax evasion in Romania’s tourist accommodation units and public food companies.

Udrea told a news conference at the Black Sea resort of Mamaia, after the opening of a travel fair there, that tax evasion in the travel industry and food services is estimated at 40 percent.
‘I am still confused about the 2010 summer success, but we will surely find a solution for the future to avoid contradictions. For instance, the Constanta County Police Inspectorate has released official figures indicating a 5-percent increase in the accommodation units, but the hoteliers say there was a 15.5-percent drop.

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We have a project that we will implement in the travel industry that will help us get real and almost concomitant statistics on line. We can show the exact number of tourists accommodated in Romania with the help of a software we want to implement at all the tourist accommodation units of any category and that will help us combat unregistered tourists and have exact statistics at the same time. Let us avoid contradictions between the statistics of tourist operators and official statistics,’ said Udrea.

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The minister said tax evasion is achieved by either not recording all the tourists accommodated or by accommodating tourists without stating the activity.
She added that a protocol will be signed with the General Police Inspectorate and the Finance Ministry under which inspections of resorts and accommodation units will be conducted by mixed teams that also include local public administration representatives and representatives of travel associations. This campaign, part of the actions to combat tax evasion in Romania, will be conducted over six months.

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