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Most Romanians spend leisure time watching TV

The majority of Romanians use to spend their leisure time in front of the television sets, reveals the final survey report on the „Quality of life in 2010”, conducted by the Research Institute for Life Quality (ICCV) of the Romanian Academy, remitted on Wednesday.

According to sociological data, 95 percent of the polled watch the TV shows, and 79 percent spend their free time meeting friends, relatives or go to parties, while 76 percent prefer to attend church services. A percentage of 62 percent of the subjects said they read newspapers or magazines in their spare time, 46 percent read literature, 30 percent go on trips in the week-ends, and 26 percent of the subjects prefer sports.

Only 25 percent of the polled go to modern music concerts or shows, while 18 percent go to the theater, opera or classical music concerts and 15 percent go to the movies. According to data, the low frequency of going to the cinema or theater does not necessarily reflect a preference for this type of content, but rather a weak presence in various localities of the needed facilities, supposed by these activities, especially in rural areas, ICCV research emphasizes.

Asked if they use to study specialty materials – courses, handbooks, specialty books – 26 percent of the polled gave a positive response, and 73 percent a negative one. People who completed at least the high school studies are concerned about the improvement of their professional training, have an occupation that requires a high competencies level, including technical ones, have up to 45 years, live in urban areas, or come from the financially secure families and appreciate that the have a decent living standard.

When asked if they are „involved in unpaid activities”, respectively those organized by volunteers’ associations, by the authorities or neighbors living in the area, to the benefit of the community, only 15 percent of respondents provided a positive response. „Romanians do not give too much importance to volunteer activities in their daily life, and this is a concern just for the high education graduates, part of the richest 10 percent households in Romania and people over 45 years”, said ICCV report.

ICCV conducted its „Quality of life in 2010” research using a representative sample at the national level, of 1161 people aged over 18 years. The research was conducted in the period June 25- July 10, 2010 in 78 localities and in 127 sampling points. It is a probabilistic, multistage sampling, and it was drawn from the electoral lists. The margin error is of ą 3 percent.

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