Anastase and Fini discuss Romania’s objectives of Schengen area accession

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase on Tuesday met her Italian counterpart Gianfranco Fini, with whom she discussed the economic situation both countries are confronted with and Romania’s objectives of the Schengen area accession.

‘Today we have discussed the realities the two countries are confronted with, the economic difficulties and Romania’s objectives connected with the Schengen area accession, but also our parliamentary cooperation and the alternation we must give the two countries’ Parliaments in this very good relation,’ Roberta Anastase said at the end of the meeting.

She thanked the Italian official for his visit and for the stability and problem solving efforts. ‘He also made a substantial contribution at the time of those difficulties the Romanian community encountered in Italy and I want to thank him,’ Anastase underlined. In his turn, Gianfranco Fini showed that the economic situation was one of the topics for discussion.

‘We have discussed the European general economic situation and it is Parliament’s duty to cope with this economic crisis. We must keep the public debts under control, we must reduce expenditures, but without affecting the economy too much,’ said the Speaker of the Italian Republic Chamber of Deputies.
Gianfranco Fini is on an official visit to Bucharest on Tuesday, at the invitation of his Romanian counterpart Roberta Anastase. His official visit agenda includes meetings with President Traian Basescu, Premier Emil Boc and Senate President Mircea Geoana.

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