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Romania, Great Britain sign inter-government cooperation program on education and culture


British Ambassador in Bucharest Martin Harris and Secretary of State with the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) Anton Niculescu signed on Monday at the MAE seat the Program between the governments of Romania and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on cooperation in education, science and culture over the interval 2010- 2014.

The document signed on Monday introduces new concepts such as creative economy and economy of knowledge and lays stress on the development of areas with impact on the EU overall: ensuring the due standards and quality in education, strengthening civil society through cultural exchanges and foreign language learning, Martin Harris said after the signing of the document.

The British diplomat pointed out that most times, culture and education are more persuasive ambassadors than other instruments of bilateral cooperation. Martin Harris said that in the next four years, the British Council in Bucharest will intensify its activity in areas such as art, education, and English language teaching.
Harris also pointed out that the time span of the Romanian-British cooperation program overlaps his term in office as Ambassador, which gives him reason to act as an „involved observer” of the evolution of the said document.

„Great Britain has been among the strongest supporters of Romania’s accession to NATO and the EU. Since 2003, we enhanced the level of our bilateral relations to that of Strategic Partnership, which we want to capitalize on, the cultural ground included,’ said Anton Niculescu.
He pointed out that the program signed in Bucharest focuses on areas such as economy of knowledge, creative industries, cultural dialogue, cultural heritage, non-formal education or vocational training. The Program’s signing event was organized by MAE, the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Bucharest and the British Council Romania.


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