Gov’t pledges responsibility for Labour Code

The Government on Tuesday pledged responsibility before Parliament for a new Labour Code.

Prime Minister Emil Boc said the new Labour Code will decrease the rigidity of Romania’s labour market thanks to an amendment that will allow employers to hire staff easier after making redundancies. ‘In the case of collective redundancies, based on the updated criteria in the Labour Code, there used to be a 9-month moratorium on new hires, which would lead to labour rigidity,’ Boc explained.

Under the new Labour Code, employers could hire staff 45 days after collective redundancies, because of an amendment approved by the Government at a meeting on March 7. Thus, in the case of collective redundancies, the employee made redundant may be reemployed as a first choice for the job recreated, without further examination or probation, within 45 days of being made redundant.

‘When in the specified time the same activities are resumed and there is no additional skill required for the job, the employer shall inform in writing the employees made redundant because of the activities involved that the activities have resumed,’ reads the New Labour Code. The Government also passed an amendment that says the parties, their representation and negotiating procedure for collective labour agreements as well as the conclusion of such agreements shall be established under a separate law.

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