USL shuts PDL out from whatever agreement or negotiation, regardless who takes PDL lead

The opposition’s Social Liberal Union (USL) shuts out whatever understanding or negotiation with the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, major at rule), regardless who would win the elections for this party’s chairmanship at the May 14 – 15 National Convention, Liberal leader and USL co-chair Crin Antonescu said.

The head of the Liberals commented on the statements made by PDL Secretary-general Vasile Blaga, who insisted to assure the two USL co-chairs that he regards them as his opponents.

„Victor Ponta and I have always said that politically, we make no essential distinction between Mr. Boc and Mr. Blaga and that for us, PDL is shut out from any understanding or negotiation, no matter who would win [the party chairmanship] at their congress. Perhaps Mr. Blaga should try to convince Mrs. Udrea of who his enemies or who his friends are. Our standpoint is clear: Mr. Blaga is our adversary just the same as Mr. Boc and Mr. Basescu are,” Crin Antonescu said.

In his turn, chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Victor Ponta said he fully agrees with the opinion of USL co-chair Crin Antonescu, that „there can be no political cooperation between USL and PDL, no matter if the latter has Vasile Blaga or Elena Udrea at the helm.”

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