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Romania’s tourist brand promoted by Topoloveni plum jam

Romania’s tourist brand under the slogan „Explore the Carpathian Garden” will be promoted abroad by the plum jam made at Topoloveni (Arges County, southern Romania), managing director of the Company for Investments in Tourism Gabriela Berechet said.

„A protocol with the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism was signed in order to promote Romania‘s tourist brand by the Topoloveni plum jam. The protocol came into force on May 2 and, basically, this product will be available abroad along with the national brand,” said Berechet.

The European Commission awarded the Topoloveni plum jam the first registration of appellation of origin and geographical indication (GI) for a traditional Romanian product on April 8, 2011.

„The Romanian specialty adds to a list of more than 1,000 appellations for protected brands by virtue of the law on protecting the geographical indications, the designations of origin and the traditional specialties,” reads the European Commission’s release.

Its being published in the Official Journal of the European Union as a protected brand is a recognition of the genuineness, tradition, history, geographical area, reputation and exceptional qualities of the Topoloveni plum jam and places it in the Premium range on the preserved food market.

More than four years after Romania joined the EU, a single Romanian high-quality food product has managed to get brand protection in Europe along with promotion within the EU member states and provided guarantee to consumers that the product is genuine, traditional and meets the European criteria on security, hygiene, labelling, health inspection and nutritional facts.

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